From a young age onwards I have always been exposed to a passion and appreciation for food in its highest quality. Having watched my parents both be active in the kitchen since I was young and always delivering the best of home cooked meals, I soaked up all the information I could get until I had to cook for myself. From here on, my love for food and cooking has only grown – living abroad for 17 years has inspired me, through my international experiences, to blend and create beyond the traditional and most importantly beyond my comfort zone. Having had the pleasure of leading my own cookery school for several years while abroad in the UK, I have also learned to find dishes and recipes that don’t just inspire me, but others to cook too. To expand this even further my recent endeavors to master food photography, albeit in their beginning stages, have allowed me to expand my mission beyond just good taste.

I am Kirsten Fack – a highly passionate cook from Germany, I have created this website to share my food and hopefully my enthusiasm for those foodies out there in need of some inspiration.

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